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Where are you located?

My natural light, private studio is located in Rangiora, upstairs in a lovely heritage building on High St.  I do offer location shoots at either your home, or a luxury hotel. Please inquire in regards to these services. 


Do you just photograph models?

Definitely not! In fact, 99% of my clients are everyday woman, like you and me! I specialize in directing and posing so you can relax, knowing that your images will be just as gorgeous as any of the images you see on my website! 


What do I need to bring?

You can download a copy of my Shoot Guide HERE which has all the info on the experience you will receive. The basic's are keep it simple! Think black, white or subtle colours remember its about you, not the clothes, unless you have a dream to create your on fashion magazine in which we can work out a custom set for you. Contact me to discuss this option further. I provide all the props and furniture (if required). I like simplicity, want the images to be about you!  Bring clothing & lingerie that you feel fabulous in! We can go a long way with simple nude underwear and fabric or just a white sheet, so don't over think it!


How much?

You will find a breakdown of my prices on my PRINT PRICES page. My average shoot spend is $1500. I do offer payment plans and finance.


Do you shoot on Saturday?

Yes, but they do book out fast, so if you require a weekend session please book well in advance.


Why is it so expensive?

I am a quality over quantity photographer. I don't just take a few photos and give you unedited images on a USB. There is so much more that goes into your images than just the photo shoot! I spend hours processing images and getting them to a high professional standard that you will love. This does not mean we will photo-shop you to be someone your not! This means spending time going through the hundreds of photos taken and picking the very best ones. We then individually edit each image and get them ready for you to choose from. If you are after a whole bunch of average photographs on a USB, I am not the photographer for you!


Can I just get my images digital?

It is the same price regardless as receiving the prints, so why wouldn't you have the beautiful printed image. All of my packages come with prints and the same resolution digital's as the print that you purchase. The cost does not come from the printing, it comes from the time that goes into the processing of the images and running a business. 


When will I see my photos?

Generally, your viewing will be booked for approximately 2 weeks after your photo shoot. 


What if I have a friend who wants a photo-shoot?

I have an amazing referral system! After your shoot, you will receive a gift voucher for $100 credit. You can gift this to whom ever you like. For every shoot that books and pays their $200 deposit before your viewing, you will receive $100 credit off your package! There is no limit to how many shoots you book, which means yes, you could end up getting your photos for free!