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 with Keri Little & Rhonda Stove


 Auckland CBD


27th July 2024


Presented by Keri Little & Rhonda Stove
Master Portrait Photographers

In this workshop we will cover

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Experience a Day of Diversity in Photography!


Explore a spectrum of styles and subjects at our exclusive photography event:

  • Timeless Elegance: Featuring a stunning 50+ female model with a wardrobe that exudes glamour and sophistication.

  • Youthful Energy: Capture the dynamic dance moves and cool, young style of our adorable teen female model.

  • Modern Masculinity: Showcase the casual yet editorial flair of our young adult male model, perfect for contemporary shoots.

  • Love in Focus: Document the beauty of a couple deeply in love, creating timeless images of their connection and style.

  • Furry Friends: Don't miss the chance to photograph our ultimate lineup of dogs, each with their own unique charm and personality.

  • Lunch is provided!!! Enjoy a delicious lunch on us, ensuring you stay energized throughout the day.

  • Social Soiree: Stick around for a post-shoot gathering with drinks and nibbles. It's the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow photographers and forge lasting friendships.

Join us for a day packed with creativity, camaraderie, and countless photographic opportunities.

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Keri & Rhonda

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