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 Bringing Vanity Fair style to Pet Portraits is my obsession.


"I have had a great deal of loss in my life and what it has taught me, is that life is so fragile, and in a moment can be taken from us. This reaffirms to me that it’s so very important to have beautiful images of our loved ones, pets as well as humans ".

This stunning portrait of my beloved Nugget & myself, was taken just recently by my dear friend & business partner Paulina Gwaltney

I will be printing this extra large (30x40) to hang on my wall & I will treasure it forever! 

It saddens me that we didn't get to take images on my other best mate Snoopy, my beautiful rose grey Arab. As he passed away suddenly

2 weeks before Paulina arrived in NZ, I have no fine art portrait of him, only snapshots, & not great ones. 

He was so beautiful and I wish I had a stunning portrait of him, sadly that will never happen now :(  

I implore you! Please don't leave it until later, because that might just be too late!

No matter how old you are, what your weight is, or what your hair looks like, it really doesn't matter!

Your children and family love you just the way you are. 

What does matter is leaving a legacy for your loved ones..


I specialize in portraiture, I am trained in the art of posing and lighting to make you look absolutely amazing. 

I know how to direct you, how make you feel at ease and I know how to take beautiful images of you.

Take the time to invest in your legacy  

There is no greater gift to yourself than one that says

"This is me! I am gorgeous, I am amazing.....just the way I am!

This is my passion and I cannot wait to capture you & your loved ones for all time!


Call me to discuss what I can do for you about getting some beautiful Fine Art images taken of your loved ones.

Memories can fade, but images are forever. 

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